Why is Pakistan so beautiful?

Why is Pakistan so beautiful

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries of the world.  From east to west and south to north, each and every corner of Pakistan is replete with natural beauty. There is so much natural beauty in Pakistan that it may also be termed as “Land of natural beauty”.  Almost every kind of natural beauty like mountains, hills, rivers, seas, forests, deserts, springs and lakes is present in Pakistan. Pakistan is a home of diversity and variety of different landscapes. If we see mountains and hills in one corner of Pakistan, then we will also see plain lands in other corner of the world. If we see beautiful and dense forests and jungles, then we will also witness the beautiful landscape of extended deserts.

Along with natural beauty, there are some more things which make this beautiful country even more beautiful. Pakistan and its inhabitants are also blessed with four beautiful and moderate seasons. Natives of Pakistan are blessed to have the seasons of winter, spring, summer, and autumn. They enjoy these seasons at their peak. They are lucky to see this beautiful country in different colors which are rendered by these four seasons.

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Along with natural beauty and beautiful seasons, different parks, public places, and historical places add more beauty to the already beautiful Pakistan. Pakistan is famous for its historical places. These places attract the attention of tourists and visitors. Tourists and visitors, from all over the World, come here to visit these charming and beautiful places. Pakistan has famous historical places like Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, Shalimar Bagh, Minaret of Pakistan, Hiran Minar Tomb, Yaadgar-e-Shuhda, Rohtas Fort, Noor Mahal, Clock Tower, Pakistan Monument, Tomb of Noor Jahan, and Jahangir’s Tomb. These historical places are very famous and popular all over the world. Tourists from all over the world come here to visit these places.

The culture of Pakistan is also something that adds to the beauty and charm of this land. Pakistan consists of four provinces. These four provinces are Punjab, Sindh, Sarhad, and Baluchistan. Every province has its own distinct, captivating, enthralling, and enticing culture. The culture of one province is different and more beautiful than another province. It is difficult to decide which province excels in cultural beauty. People from the farthest and remotest areas come to witness this diversity and variety of cultures.

In short, we can say that different public and historical places, beautiful and moderate seasons, natural and cultural beauties of Pakistan make this beautiful country even more beautiful. All these factors or elements combine to add Pakistan to the list of “beautiful countries of the world”. And all these factors make our beautiful country worth traveling to.

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