Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is inappropriate, unwelcome, unwanted, and undesired behavior that creates offense and humiliation.  It’s against law. It’s against our religion. It’s against humanity. It’s against basic human ethics. It’s against the moral values and moral principles of our society. Sexual Harassment is not limited to any particular or specific area or country. It’s a universal disgusting practice that is going on all over the world. It’s not limited to a particular gender. People of both gender, either males or females are being harassed. Moreover, it is not limited to a particular age. People of every age are being harassed in this unsafe, unsecured, and unreliable world.

The Time is long gone when people were safe in this safe place. People are no more safe in this world.  They get harassed everywhere by some soulless, insensitive, and insensible harasser. They not only harass girls, but also aged women and children. They don’t even spare people of their own gender like boys and grown-up men. They are forced to practice such things just because of their lustful nature. They just want to satisfy their sexual needs. It shows their lack of self-control or self-restraint. It also shows the hollowness and barrenness that resides deep down in their characters and souls. They are soulless, wild inhuman being; they don’t even deserve to be called “Human beings”, because they lack the basic humanity which makes us “human”.  They are worse than animals.

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Despite this sexual harassment, child abuse is also so common and malicious practice nowadays. Children in general and girls in specific face such inappropriate and unwelcome behavior of some malicious human beings. Girls are being abused and harassed in schools, streets, and markets. They are not even safe in their own homes. They get harassed in their homes by some lustful cousins and even uncles. After all, this happens, girls are being silenced in the name of family reputation, honor, and respect in society. And as result, harassers and abusers become fearless and feel free to do that. It is happening all over the world. And it is happening because children, especially girls, are not aware of all this. So, we must spread awareness to everyone. Everyone needs to be safe in this unsafe world because safety is a basic human right.

These malicious and unwelcome practices really need to be stopped which are going on all over the world. Harassers are encouraged when they find themselves accountable to none. The government should take serious actions against these fearless abusers and harassers. They need to be punished. They need to be sentenced to death. They need to get what they deserve. Little girls need to b safe. Working ladies need to be secured. Dead bodies need not be raped by such lustful, inhuman beings. WE NEED TO BE SAFE.  So, Government should take some serious actions against these wild beings.

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