Other PSL6 Matches can be Played in September or November

PCB and franchises are dealing with problems in scheduling the remaining 20 matches.

Pakistan’s other Season 6 Super League (PSL6) matches can be played in September or November due to the lack of a suitable window in March or June.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), as it is called, will host the next 20 matches of the tournament after being postponed due to the Covid-19 incident between players and officials who also helped.

One is the holding of matches in late March, which coincides with Pakistan’s tour of South Africa. PCBs are not good at delaying the list of countries, but they also don’t want to spoil relations with South African cricket. Pakistani players are also allowed to play, so they are unlikely to play in March.

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June is also a table option, but the hot weather in Pakistan and the availability of England players due to the violent boom that began on June 9 could be stumbling blocks in this regard. Players were exhausted after entering the Indian Premier League (IPL) which ended on 30 May.

Although franchises wanted to play the game as fast as possible in September when an international series was not scheduled, November after the T20 World Cup was the only possible signal at that time.

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