Is Pakistan a safe place to visit?

Is Pakistan a safe place to visit

Pakistan is so beautiful. It is a land of unmatched charm and beauty. It is replete with the variety and diversity of landscapes. It is enriched with 4 beautiful and moderate seasons, public and historical places, and natural beauty along with cultural beauty. Pakistan has so much beauty and charm that it attracts the attention of everyone. It attracts attention not only of its own inhabitants or natives but also the people living all over the world. The land of Pakistan is so fascinating and charming that everyone wants to see it. But the question arises that is Pakistan a safe place to visit?  Are the visitors and tourists safe in this country? And the simple answer to this question is “NO”.

Time is long gone when Pakistan used to be a safe and secure place to visit. Visitors and tourists used to come here without any fear. But now Pakistan is no longer a safe place to visit. There are some security issues in some areas of Pakistan. Because some people of Pakistan have been involved in different evils and crimes which made Pakistan an unsafe place to travel.  There are no risks and security issues while visiting Pakistan.

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Terrorism is the first reason to avoid the visit of Pakistan. Terrorism has been so common in the last few years. The government of Pakistan has struggled a lot against terrorism and has controlled the suicide attacks of terrorists to great extent. So many areas of Pakistan are safe from the point of view of terrorism; still, there are some remotest areas where this is happening even today. So, visitors should avoid traveling to Pakistan in general and those areas in specific. They should not endanger their life for the sake of traveling.

The second reason that why Pakistan is not a safe place is its people’s habitual of robbery. There are some criminals in Pakistan who are addicted to robbery. Robbery is so common nowadays that no one is safe from it. Robbers, not even spare visitors and travelers.

The third reason that visitors should avoid visiting Pakistan is kidnapping, rape, sexual harassment, and child abuse. Some lustful people of Pakistan are involved in kidnapping, rapes, sexual harassment, and child abuse. These are very undesired and unwelcome situations. These criminals and lustful people are spoiling the image and reputation of Pakistan. They are soulless empty people. They are hollow at the core.  Their conscience is dead. They don’t have feelings of shame left in them. They not only attack the natives of Pakistan but also the visitors and travelers. So, travelers and visitors must be careful while planning to visit Pakistan.

All these alarming situations make Pakistan what it is not. Pakistan is not a terrible place. It is not a horrible place. It is not a dreadful place. It is not an awful place. Pakistan is beautiful. It is a charming place. It is an attractive place. It is a fascinating place. But these alarming, unwanted and unwelcome situation it what it is not. Pakistan itself is not a bad place to visit. But it’s the people of Pakistan who make it a bad place to visit. It’s not an unsafe place, but its people make it an unsafe place. These days Pakistan is not a safe place to visit. Tourists and visitors should not visit Pakistan these days. They should wait till things get better. From now on, they should act upon the notion “Stay home, stay safe”.

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