Pakistan Uses a ‘Pacemaker’ To Treat Epilepsy

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A pacemaker for the brain to treat epilepsy has been implanted into the breasts of the two women for the first time in Pakistan. [LAHORE]

The patients were from Sindh and Peshawar.

A Spanish specialist at a private hospital in Lahore, Dr. Asif Bashir started this treatment in Pakistan and performed surgery on Two womens.

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He said these surgeries have been going on in the United States for the past two decades, and the government should remove the obligation to surgical instruments to help reduce the cost of surgery.

What is a “brain pacemaker”?

Brain pacemakers or Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS) prevents seizures by sending regular and calm pulses of electrical energy to the brain through vagus nerves.

A stimulant that can be called a pacemaker in the brain is inserted under the skin on the patient’s chest, while a call from the wire occurs around the vagus nerves in the neck.

This treatment reduces the rate of seizures in patients to 50% or stops them altogether, Spanish experts say.

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