NA-75 by-Poll Results Were Held; PML-N Beats PTI on PP-51, PK-63, Unofficial Results

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The results of the NA-75 by-poll were held back on Saturday by the returning officer at the request of PML-N amid a dispute over 23 presiding officers allegedly ‘lost’. [KARACHI]

According to police officers, the 23 polling officers were stuck in outlying areas of the constituency due to fog. In a late-night development, police had retrieved the officers and brought them to the district returning officer’s office, where leaders PML-N and PTI were also present.

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According to preliminary data obtained by sources, Data from 337 out of 360 polling stations in NA-75, PML-N won 97,588 votes. PTI candidate Ali Asjad Khan won 94,541 votes.

RO has retained the final results of constituencies to be published by Pakistan Election Commission (ECP).

In two other constituencies where polls were held, the PTI lost the Gujranwala-I and PK-63 Nowshera-III PP-51 seats, according to unofficial and preliminary results.

Meanwhile, the PTI has taken the seat of NA-45 Kurram I, excluding the candidate for the JUI-F election.

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