Mobile Ad Companies Join Hands to Prepare For The Privacy Changes of Apple


Six mobile advertising companies on Wednesday said they have partnered to help marketers and app developers adjust to Apple upcoming changes that will affect how ads work. report on iPhone.

Apple will soon start reminding iPhone users to allow apps to use their data for personalized advertising, a move that has sparked a backlash from tech rival Facebook, arguing the changes. This change will affect the advertising business of the social media company.

  • The alliance includes Liftoff, Chartboost, Fyber, InMobi, Singular, and Vungle
  • It aims to help app developers, marketers adjust to upcoming Apple changes
  • Facebook says the changes will hurt the SM company‚Äôs ad business

The Post-IDFA Alliance will provide best practices and tips to help developers and advertisers ensure ads are placed in front of relevant consumers and the effectiveness of those ads can be measured after the Apple changes are introduced, says Mark Ellis.

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Ellis says, That will include webinars, videos, and other materials on topics such as understanding what data can be used in an “Apple-friendly” way

The new partnership also includes Chartboost, Fyber, InMobi, Singular, and Vungle, which are companies that specialize in mobile advertising.

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