Love-An Essence Of All Religions

Love-An Essence Of All Religions


This poem has been written by Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī who was a Persian poet, philosopher, and scholar. He was born in September 1207 A.D. And died in December 1273. The native language of Rumi’s parents was also Persian. This poem “Love-an-essence of all religions” was originally written in Persia. Afterward, it was translated into English by Dr. Nicholson who was born in August 1868 and died in August 1945. He was an English Orientalist, scholar, and translator. He devoted his life to the study of Islamic literature and Islamic mysticism. Dr. Nicholson translated so many books and poems of Rumi into English. “Love-An Essence Of All Religions” is one of those translated poems.

About the poem:

The poem consists of 12 lines. Each line refers to the same idea poem is about. The title of the poem indicates the theme of the poem that is ” love is the spirit and essence of all religions. Love is central to all religions. Love is the soul of all religions. All the religions of this world lay stress on the importance of love. Without love, no religion can be a complete code of life. Without love, no religion is complete. In short, the poet says that everything can be made possible with the power of love. The power of love is strong in that it can change every bad thing into a good thing.

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Line 1-6:

Through love thorns becomes roses,and

Through love vinegar becomes sweet wine,

Through love the stake becomes a throne,

Through love misfortune becomes good fortune,

Through love burning fire becomes pleasing light,

Through love stone becomes soft as butter,

Poet says that love is the soul of every religion. Love is the source of miracles. Our life is not complete without love. Love is so powerful. Love can change every bad thing into a good thing. In short, love is a transformation force. Poet says that the power of love is so strong that we can turn roses into thorns with the help of love. Love can convert vinegar into sweet tasted wine. If we add love to our life, it can change pain into pleasure by changing the stake into the throne. Love can change bad luck into good luck, misfortune into good fortune, and burning fire into pleasing light. Love can change a stubborn and stone-hearted person into a kind, humble and soft-hearted person. In short, though we can change hard stone into soft butter.

Line 7-12:

Through love grief becomes a joy,

Through love lions become harmless

Through love sickness becomes health,

Through love wrath seems to be a mercy,

Through love the dead rise to life,

Through love the king becomes a slave.

These lines deal with the healing and soothing power of love. Poet says that love can turn pains into pleasure and sadness into happiness. Love comforts the people who are suffering and makes life worth living and worth enjoying for them. It’s only through the power of love that dangerous and wild animals like lions can be changed into harmless and affectionate animals. Love turns sickness and disease into health, wrath, and anger into mercy and pity. Love takes away all the worries of human beings and it can bring death, deprived, and dejected people back to life. The power of love is so miraculous that it changes a proud, arrogant, and cruel king into a humble slave. In short, the poet wants to say that life is so important in our public and private life. Without love, life is not even worth living and worth enjoying.

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