Italy Fines Facebook 7 Million Euros for Improper Data Use


Italy’s antitrust agency fined Facebook € 7 million ($ 8.5 million) on Wednesday for failing to comply with regulators’ demands to correct improper business practices in handling group user data [Rome]

  • Facebook was already fined 5 million Euros for not informing users properly about data collection 
  • The 7 million fine slapped today was over inaction on 2018 ruling
  • Facebook was also asked to publish an amended statement on the homepage of its website for Italy

Facebook was not quickly available for comment.

In November 2018, the anti-coalition body ruled that Facebook had not properly informed users about its collection and use of data.

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He fined the US company 5 million euros ($5.5 million) and asked him to publish a revised statement on his website’s homepage for Italy, on the Facebook app, and on the personal page of every registered Italian user.

“The current investigation has proven that …(the company) has not published the revised statement and has not ceased the established unfair operation,” the regulator said in a statement. me.

Given the economic value of data to Facebook, Facebook said users should be in a position to decide whether to use that data or not.

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