Female: A Decision-Maker In Her Marriage


Marriage is a social contract that is encouraged by Islam and entertained by every society. Islam ensures the equal rights of spouses to ensure permanence, happiness, and marital stability. Marriage is like a vehicle and husband and wife are its wheels. Its the duty of the husband as well as wife to carry out this vehicle throughout their life. It is one of the relationships that have to last forever. So, mutual understanding, cooperation, and correspondence are very necessary and this is what makes a marriage a successful marriage.

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Mutual understanding is so important that without it, marriage becomes unpleasant and nasty wedlock. One of the reasons behind all these problems and issues is the inequality in the rights of men and women to choose their life partner. Even today, this inequality prevails in our society. Nowadays, what happens in our society is that men are allowed to choose their life partner but women are forced into unwanted marriages. Islam gives equal rights to men and women to choose their spouses. It is the society and the so-called mentality of people that snatch this right from women.

The common practice our society is going through is the parents deciding their daughters’ spouse and forcing them to say yes for the marriage they are not agreed to. This is such an unhealthy, unwanted, undesirable, and hateful practice. This practice must be discouraged. Parents should learn to accept the right of daughters to choose their spouse because this right is given to them by our religion. parents must be dutiful and open-minded enough to respect their daughter’s choice. It is their responsibility to make sure that they do not impose their decisions on their daughters.

Islam allows daughters to make the choice of their own. But it does not mean that they are allowed to marry someone they like without the permission of their parents. It is totally wrong. It is against morality. It’s against the moral values of our society. It is against ethics. Last but not least, it is against our Islam. It must be avoided. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that their daughters do not indulge in such activities. There is no doubt that daughters are given the right to choose their spouse but they must use it in a legal way.

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Without the permission and presence of parents, marriage is not a marriage because the presence of “parents, wali or guardian” is one of the conditions for marriage laid down by Islam. Marriage must be held with the mutual agreement of men and women. Mutual agreement to marriage is really very important because this is the relationship that they have to hold back and carry out for the rest of their life. With a clash of interests and without mutual understanding, cooperation and correspondence, spouses would be unable to live a happy, prosperous ad contented life.

Men and women may have different roles and responsibilities regarding marriage but their rights must be the same.


 Life is all about choices. Some we regret, some we are proud of. Some will haunt us forever. We are what we chose to be.” 

Marriage is also one of the choices that we make. So, we must be careful while choosing someone as our life partner because these choices stay with us forever.

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