Academics: Monitoring Colleges via WhatsApp Video Call is Impractical, Unethical

Academics say Monitoring Karachi colleges through WhatsApp video call is not practical. They responded to a recent decision by the University Bureau of the Karachi college surveillance and Evaluation to monitor public universities through WhatsApp video calls.

A notice addressing the heads and administrators of government colleges was also published on Thursday. He said information provided by them would be cross-checked and verified by WhatsApp video calls.

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The statement said, “During the video call, officers of the monitoring and evaluation board may also want to see classroom, laboratory and infrastructure activities,”.

However, the Sindh Professor and Lecturer Association (SPLA) and the university staff are not satisfied.

Teachers in women’s colleges have said colleges will not allow this as it could damage the privacy of female students and teachers.

Memon urged monitoring management to upgrade libraries and laboratories and work to overcome the teacher shortage.

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