Abhinandan Wants Peace Between Pakistan, India, In His Video.


Pakistani troops have released a new drawing of Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman arrested in February 2019 after repairing a MiG-21 fighter jet shot down by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) shot down by a dog on Saturday. A two-year celebration of the so-called “Operation Swiftretort” was given to his resignation from the army. [ISLAMABAD]

This video shows the pilot talking to the military (without notice) in a friendly environment and admits that he has been treated well. He also praised the “civilian” and “expert” soldiers of Pakistan.

Abhinandan’s MiG-21 Bison plane become scorn over Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) in conjunction with any other Indian plane when they violated the Line of Control (LoC). While the opposite aircraft crashed in Indian territory, Abhinandan becomes now no longer so lucky.

Recounting the fateful day, Varthaman stated while he realised that “I become now no longer in my personal country, I attempted to run away. But he had been “injured pretty badly and I become not able to move.”

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Locals who said, “I really like you,” tried to “arrest me.” But he said two Pakistani soldiers came to the scene and “saved me.”

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“The Pakistani captain came to help me. He took me to his first aid kit, and I was taken to the hospital for further examinations and medical care.

SoI’m here now [together] your hospitality […].

Abhinandan also mentioned what was happening in the occupied territory, saying “Neither you nor I know” about the Kashmir dispute. Indian officials praised Pakistan’s military as “very dignified, professional and extremist.”

He added: “I am very impressed with the warmth of the Pakistani military. He said Pakistan and India continued their hostility and desire for peace between superpowers “without reason”. “Well, there is no reason for us to remain hostile.

In Indian-controlled Kashmir, at least 40 Indian policemen killed at least 40 Indian policemen, and the February 14, 2019 explosion significantly increased tensions between the two countries. India believes Pakistan hid its troops after the attack. Islamabad has been destroyed. China, the European Union and other major powers have demanded arrests for both.

Later that year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India attended the general election and benefited greatly from the pride of the people brought about by the controversy.

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