WHO Ranks Madinah Among the Healthiest Cities in the World.

Madinah Interior
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The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the blessed city of Madinah among the healthiest cities in the world, Arab News provided details regarding Monday.

The holy city is accepted to be the first with a populace of in excess of 2 million recognized under the organization’s healthy city program.

  • The Holy City is believed to be the first city recognized under the program to have a population of over 2 million.
  • The city acquired accreditation after a WHO visiting group said it agreed with the global standards.
  • An aggregate of 22 government agencies, the community, charity and volunteers arranged for WHO accreditation.

As per the publication, the city’s joining program included an essential association with Taibah University to report government requirements for electronic platforms for organizational review.

It acquired the accreditation after a meeting WHO group said that it complies to the worldwide norms needed to be remembered for the rundown of the world’s best urban communities.

Meeting the objectives set by the Madinah Regional Strategy Project and the dispatch of the “Human Cities” program has been remembered for the accreditation models.

An aggregate of 22 government, community, charities and voluntary organizations arranged for WHO accreditation.

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As indicated by the world health organization, “a healthy city is one that consistently makes and improves the physical and social environment for its residents”.

As shown by the World Health Organization, “a healthy city is the one that creates and enhances the environment and social well-being of its citizens”.

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