What is The Square Root of 4096 And Square Root of 225?

Square Root

Finding the Square Root of 4096

Finding the square root is easy because 4096 is a perfect square so we can find it easily.

Let, we find the square root of 4096.

Square Root of 4096

Square root of 4096 is 64.

As we saw 4096 was a perfect square. In the same way, we can also find the square root of 225

The square root of 225

The square root of 225

The square of 225 is 15.

Square Root of 5

Square Root of 5
Square Root of 5

and so on

Because number 5 is not a perfect square. Its square will be in decimals. You can write it till 3 or 4 digits after the decimal.

Square Root of 0

Zero has one square root which 0. we can not divide 0 with any other number so, it has only one square root which is zero.

Square Root of 0

As  √0 means square root of no object, then if there is no object. so the square root of zero will be 0.

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This is the proof that square root of 0 is only 0.

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