Top 5 Gaming Mouse Use By Professional Gamers In 2021.

What is Gaming Mouse?

A gaming mouse is basically a work area mouse with extra capacities to make it fit to PC gaming and focused energy programming. These capacities frequently incorporate programmable catches, higher affectability, movable weight and quicker reaction times.

Difference between Ordinary Mouse and Gaming Mouse:

Ordinary MouseGaming Mouse
Ordinary Mouse utilizes Optical Sensors.Gaming Mouse utilizes Laser sensors just as optical sensors.
It is having just 3 catches.It is having at least 11-12 catches.
These catches work as per the capacities appointed by the maker.The capacities for these catches can be appointed by the client itself as per the prerequisite.
They don’t have module parts, so a client needs to utilize it regardless of whether he/she isn’t happy in utilizing it.Gaming mouse accompanies module parts, which helps client in changing it as per the necessity.
Addition or Decrement in the heaviness of the mouse is beyond the realm of imagination.We can change the heaviness of the mouse as it is having distinctive weight modules.
Get it on the off chance that you need to just utilize PCs for looking and downloading.Purchase on the off chance that you mess around additional, as it will make your experience remarkable.

Would I be able to utilize a gaming mouse as an ordinary mouse?

Ordinary mouse generally work for typical PC work and can get futile soon; while the gaming mouse are explicitly intended for long haul use. The top notch material utilized in gaming mouse builds their sturdiness and execution. Thus, on the off chance that you use them as a customary mouse they will set aside your time and cash.

Top 5 Gaming Mouse In 2021:

All that gaming mouse can resemble an exhibition update for yourself. The best illustration cards will knock up your gaming PC’s casing rate, however, a quality gaming mouse will give you that additional precision and reaction that could have the effect of triumph and annihilation in high-speed games like Valorant or Apex Legends.

1. Steel Series Rival 700.
2. Asus ROG Spatha.
3. Steel Series Sensei 310.
4. Logitech G305 Lightspeed.
5. Razer Viper Ultimate.

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1. Steel Series Rival 700 – The Only Mouse That Vibrates:

The principal gaming mouse on our rundown is the Steel Series Rival 700, and for the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, the organization’s Rival arrangement is maybe quite possibly the most famous arrangement that is presently under Steel Series, with respect to Steel Series itself, the organization is the top pick among practically each and every expert e-sports gamer, and has acquired itself a ton of notoriety among the most energetic gamers there are.

Before we start taking a gander at exactly how great the Steel Series Rival 700, there are some conspicuous things you should think about this mouse; the Rival 700 is one of a kind as it were that it conveys an OLED show that can show a wide range of things including settings, just as some GIFs that are explicitly made for this show and can be downloaded from a few arrangement.


  • Industry standard RGB lighting.
  • Innovative modular design.
  • A gimmicky OLED screen that is still a welcome design change.
  • Programmable tactile alerts notifying players of in-game events.
  • Customize the mouse as per your own needs.


  • No left-handed or ambidextrous option available.
  • The price might be a lot for some.
  • Though useful, modules are a bit expensive.

2.  Asus ROG Spatha – Best MMO Gaming Mouse:

Asus shocked everybody when they reported their leader gaming mouse known as the Spatha, in the event that you think the name sounds forceful, investigate the mouse itself.

The Spatha, obviously, has a place with Asus’ first in class Republic of Gamers line up, so you should realize that you’d get a huge gaming mouse that would be loaded up with highlight, all things considered, extra fastens, RGB impacts that even sync up to your other ROG marked items, for example, motherboards, realistic cards, and even the console by Asus.

Presently before we begin examining the inside and out subtleties, you should realize that Spatha is something other than a gaming mouse, from the development point of view, it really is a wonder, and keeping in mind that Asus’ decision of utilizing magnesium compound rather than the conventional materials that are utilized in the gaming mouse.


  • A beautiful, solid design that is suited for gamers.
  • A lot of customizability, and ease of use.
  • RGB lighting that looks stunning across the board.
  • One of the most comfortable mouses to use.
  • Loaded with features hardware and software-wise.


  • One of the highest-priced gaming mouses in the market.
  • The side buttons feel mushy, and stiff to press.
  • Can be a bit too heavy, and huge for users with small hands.

3.  Steelseries Sensei 310 – Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse.

The Steelseries Sensei 310 is essential for the Sensei line of a committed gaming mouse. You’ve most likely known about these mouses, and this one is an attendant. It’s modest for a decent wired mouse and offers a ton at the cost. At the point when you consider that its archetype costs $90 at a certain point, the value point matters.

Plan insightful, I found the mouse smooth and rich. It’s able to use both hands (useful for lefties) and lightweight, coming in at 92 grams (3.2 ounces). The mouse is likewise truly agreeable to utilize in view of its silicone hold. It has two catches on each side of the body and a DPI (specks per-inch affectability) agent at the top community. The Sensei 310’s microchip lets its catches effectively be reconstructed utilizing the included SteelSeries Engine 3 programming. One thing I didn’t care for is that the product’s completion is quite uncovered contrasted with the different mouses I tried.


  • Extremely customizable; ranging from buttons to palm-rest.
  • Can be used wirelessly, and wired; using it with the supplied wire will keep the mouse on charge.
  • Ambidextrous design is perfect for both left, and right-handed users.
  • Dual sensors provide you with supreme accuracy in most intense gaming sessions.
  • Looks super conceptual, and definitely manages to stand out.
  • Long battery life ensures uninterrupted gaming experience.
  • Absolutely no input lag when used without a wire.
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 gives an enjoyable software experience.


  • Costs quite a lot for a gaming mouse.
  • Can be a bit complicated to learn.

4.  Logitech G305 Lightspeed – Best Wireless Mouse for Gaming:

The Logitech G305 Lightspeed is essentially a remote adaptation of the organization’s G Pro gaming mouse. The G Pro is outstanding amongst other gaming mouses available, so you may anticipate that the G305 should make a big difference for the custom.

The G305 is sensibly evaluated for a remote mouse of its group, and it’ll give you a ton for the batter. One favorable position of the remote mouse is low weight, and by tipping the scales at 96g (3.3 ounces) with the included AA battery, the G305 satisfies hopes. The mouse has a work of art and exquisite plan that follows the G Pro’s totally. Significantly more critically, I thought that it was agreeable to use during expanded gaming meetings. I certainly didn’t see any issues during my GTA V long-distance race!.

Top 5 Gaming Mouse Use By Professional Gamers In 2021.
Image Source: Pexels

With regards to execution, the mouse’s 12000 DPI sensor is above and beyond for most any gaming circumstance you’re probably going to experience. As per Logitech, one AA battery will keep going for up to 250 in-game hours. That being stated, you may discover the absence of a remote charging choice a bother. In the event that you need such a component, you ought to presumably pick a more costly mouse.


  • Good price.
  • Decent ergonomics.
  • Solid performance.
  • Low weight.


  • Not rechargeable.
  • Not truly ambidextrous.

5.  Razer Viper Ultimate – Best for FPS Games:

The Razer Viper Ultimate is a high-affectability remote gaming mouse that as of late came out behind the wired Razer Viper. It’s unquestionably not modest, but rather you’ll make some cut edge highlights at the cost.

At 1.5 x 2.6 x 5 inches, and tipping the scales at just 74 grams (2.6 ounces), the Viper Ultimate is one of the lightest gaming mouses available. I loved its plan — it’s exceptionally simple to point with and it feels practically weightless in your grasp. It’s additionally able to use both hands and its product lets it effectively be exchanged between right-gave and left-gave modes. Since the mouse is so expensive, it’s nothing unexpected that it accompanies a shading adjustable LED backdrop illumination to the Razer logo.

The Viper Ultimate’s remote usefulness and a charging dock are extraordinary on the off chance that you need to have a touch greater adaptability with your mouse. The remote charging highlight is one relatively few top of the line devices have even today, not to mention mouse, and it unquestionably ups the mouse’s “goodness” remainder for me. Razer says the mouse’s battery will last as long as 70 hours, so you won’t pop the Viper Ultimate into its dock each day.


  • High sensitivity.
  • Lightweight.
  • Elegant design.
  • Has charging dock.


  • Expensive.
  • Inconvenient form factor for some users.

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