TikTok’s New Policy For Users Under 18 Years Old

Tiktok users under the age of 18 may next time find some “innovative” changes in the app because of TikTok’s new policy.

Tiktok has a lower age limit of 13, said users under 16 years old would no longer be able to receive comments from unknowns. According to new changes, Accounts of the users who are 18 years old or less will now be made privately instead of public. The company also changes the default settings through the app for users up to 18.

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In TikTok‘s latest statement, the app explains that the policy has been changed to a measure in advance so that children can use The platform safely and concerns of parents can also be allayed.

Children aged 15 or under will no longer be able to use the “do-it-yourself” feature, while children aged 16 to 18 can use the popular features of the app.

TikTok's New Policy For Users Under 18 Years Old
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The company has stated that age will be determined by entering the date of birth at the time of account creation. Prohibited accounts will be notified.

Restrictions on the widely used application will affect tons of TikTok’s user.

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–Bilal Asghar

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