The Pak Army Recovered The Body of The US Mountaineer Near K2

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This was the second death of foreign K2 climbers in the area, less than the week. the helicopter team found the American Mountaineer body during search and rescue.


On Monday American mountaineer Alex Goldfarb-Rumyantzev’s body was found by the Pakistan Army in the Karakoram mountains in northern Pakistan, it was the second death of a foreign climber in the area. [ISLAMABAD]

According to the Alpine Club of Pakistan, A helicopter rescue team spotted a climber’s remains during a rescue operation that started on Sunday. He appears to have fallen from the mountains, Hungarian expedition Magyar ex foot iOS company, which supports climbers, said in statements.

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According to Magyar Expedicios, Hungarian Zoltan Szlanko and Goldfarb are planning to climb a wide peak of 8,047 meters (26,400 feet) high, which has not yet risen in winter without any Porter or the use of oxygen to help. In order to adapt to this climb, the two began to climb the nearby Pastore, 6,209 meters)high, but encountered harsh winter conditions, Szlanko decided to return, and Goldfarb continues alone.

Szlanko started searching for his partner after he failed to return as planned. Goldfarb was a medical doctor and lecturer at Harvard University in Boston. Levi said, “He thought (climbing) that he was beautiful,”.

Spain climber Sergio also died in the Karakoram Mountains on Saturday, after he fell free to a crack while trying to make his way down to camp on K2, The second world of the highest mountain.

Travel is limited by the coronavirus pandemic which is moistened to the summer-month tradition of climbing in the last area of the year.

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