Tesla’s Stock Values Rushed 740% in 2020. Top 3 Analysts Review.


Tesla’s stock values increased by 740% in the last year. Everyone wants to know where the values of the shares will move next. JPMorgan foresees the Tesla decreases a US$90 a share from 87% to in this year. But Goldman Sachs sees the stock price of Tesla in the next 12 months as US$780. So, here are the top five analyst reviews about Tesla stock prices.

2020 proven good for the Tesla stock prices. In 2020, Tesla’s stock value increased from US$84 to US$705. In the previous year, it is opened on the second of January at US$87 and closed on US$705. That’s a huge gain. So, Here is what top strategists see about its value in 2021.

Tesla's Stock Values
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Goldman Sachs:

Goldman Sachs has an unprejudiced review about Tesla stock prices and sees the values of Tesla stock at $780 by the end of 2021. On 2 December 2020, the price target raised from US$455 to US$780 in an analyst meeting led by Mark Delaney, who told investors that We believe that the trend of electric vehicle (EV) is accelerating and will occur faster than our earlier view.


Strategist of JPMorgan foresees Tesla’s stock as “underweighted”, with a stock price tag of US$90, and will drop 80% to 90% from the current position. 

A team of strategists of JPMorgan’s led by Ryan Brinkman in earlier December 2020, who told, “Tesla stock value in our views is not only overvalued but dramatically so”.

Wedbush Securities:

Wedbush’s Dan Ives rates Tesla’s stock “fair,” with a price target of US$715 by this year, and US$1000 as a bull case.

On 29 December 2020, Dan Ives said, “Heading into 2021, we are foreseeing a great increase in the demand of Electric Vehicles (EV) globally, with our expectations that EV vehicles sales will increase up to 10% by 2025,”.

As the World is finding alternatives to petroleum it is quite possible that the Tesla stock prices may skyrocket by 2025. Also, Electric Vehicles are more Eco-friendly, have no maintenance cost, and also efficient and have a better mileage ratio than fuel cars.

Tesla produced more than 500,00 vehicles in 2020 and delivered 499,550. That represents a 36% increase over the previous year and 180,070 vehicles delivered in the 4th quarter represent a 30% increase over the 3rd quarter deliveries. WOW!!

–Muhammad Bilal

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