Tamil Nadu Girl Uses Old Tires To Create a Homemade Eco-friendly Mosquito Trap

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Tamil Nadu girl uses old tires to create a homemade eco-friendly mosquito trap. This trap is environmentally friendly and can be beneficial.


We are all well aware that mosquitoes sometimes cause desolation in our lives. We all get a number of diseases because of dangerous mosquitoes. Sleeping peacefully in their presence is also a hard task. The trap is cost-effective. Anyway, a nine-year-old girl from Tamil Nadu has made a cost-effective mosquito trap that everyone can use.

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The girl’s name is Indira, who lives in Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu. A video she shared on YouTube shows that she has created an easy and cost-effective way to make homemade traps for mosquitoes.


Ovillanta is a mosquito trap made of recycled car tires, cut into a half-circle, half-piece molded into a mouth-like shape, its bottom filled with water. The solution discharge valve is located at the bottom of the ovillanta, allowing it to drain and filter the device.


In this video, Indira explained how to get started with the super cost-efficient project. The video language is English and subtitles are also provided. So, you can understand the whole concept easily.

Here is the full video of the working project.

Video Source: Youtube | Channel: BIOLOGY STUDY CLASS

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