Sheppard Software: Free Online Learning Games And Activities Review

Sheppard Software is a free-to-use, online web games platform, which contains fun learning games and activities for everyone. Sheppard Software has hundreds of educational games, activities, quizzes, articles, and more, for kids and everyone. The best thing about Sheppard software is that it is completely free for everyone. There are many categories of games on Sheppard Software like:

  • Animal Games
  • Health Games
  • Science Games
  • Math Games
  • Pre-School Games
  • Brain Games
  • World Games
  • Geography Games
  • History Games
  • Puzzles
  • Paint Activities
  • Language Arts Games
  • Chemistry Games

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Sheppard software review

Top 10 Games Of Sheppard Software

Here is the list of top 10 most popular games on Sheppard Software.

  • Food Chain Game
  • US States Level 1
  • Fruit Splat Addition
  • World Continents 1
  • Shapes Splat
  • Animal Diet Game
  • Preschool Games
  • Learn the 50 States
  • Clock Splat
  • Classification Game

Reviews and Achievements Of Sheppard Software

Terrific online educational games, especially geography.

Dallas Children’s Museum

Awesome site… it is the only reason I am passing my World Geography class!


Let me say that you guys have an awesome website. I stumbled across your site one day, and it has been the easiest, most effective, and really the most fun method for learning geography that I’ve found.

David Weaver

I am thrilled to have stumbled upon your site! As a homeschooling mom, I love to find sites that encourage brain activity and reinforce the facts I teach during learning time!

The range of information is wonderful!!! Keep up the fantastic work!

Mrs. JaNell Hancock

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What’s New?

For a very long time, Sheppard Software users are playing their games on laptops, or desktops. But now Sheppard Software has created few of their for mobiles and tablets which can be played online. You can visit Sheppard Software website and see the list of games you can play on your mobile devices.

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