Proven Best Banana Benefits No One Tells You

Here are evidence-based proves that tells health benefits of banana. Banana is delicious and healthy food for all age group people. Banana is very nutritious and highly healthy food. Here are science-based banana health benefits.

For example, banana is good for the heart, have enough potassium, good for health, good for kidney health, etc.,

Banana Nutrition

Banana is a foodstuff. This fruit has different sizes and shapes. Mostly, it is arc-shaped and elongated. It has a soft fleshy body. Banana is rich in starch. It has a peel of different colors such as green, yellow, purple, red, and brown.

Per100gm Nutritional Value

89 kcal Energy

22.84 g Carbohydrates

12.23 g Sugar

1 .09 g Protein

2.6 g Dietary fiber

0.33 g Fat

It contains the quantity of Vitamins %DV†

0.31 mg of Thiamine (B1) 3%

0.73 mg of Riboflavin (B2) 6%

0.665 mg of Niacin (B3) 4%

0 .334 mg of Pantothenic acid (B5) 7%

0.4 mg of Vitamin( B6 ) 31%
20 μg of Folate (B9) 5%
9.8 mg of Choline 2%
8.7 mg of Vitamin C 10%
Minerals Quantity Present %DV†
0.26 mg of Iron 2%
27 mg of Magnesium 8%
0.27 mg of Manganese 13%
22 mg of Phosphorus 3%
358 mg of Potassium 8%
1 mg of Sodium 0%
0.15 mg of Zinc 2%
Other Components Quantity
Water 74.91 g

Using US recommendations Percentages are approximated roughly for adults.
The source is the USDA Nutrient Database

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Raw bananas ( without peel) Contains

Water 75%

Carbohydrates 23%

Protein 1%

and contains negligible amount of fat.

A 100-gram serving gives 89 KCal, 31% of vitamin B6 Daily Value (DV) of the US recommended, and vitamin C is in moderate amounts, dietary fiber, and manganese, with no significant content of other micronutrients.

Proven Best Banana Benefits No One Tells You
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It Is Easy To Add Bananas To Your Diet

As a matter of fact, bananas are not only incredibly healthy. In Cereals, yogurt, and smoothies bananas will be a great addition.

Again, in cooking and baking you can use bananas instead of sugar.

Furthermore, due to the banana’s thick protective peel. it rarely can not contains any pollutants or pesticides.

Bananas are amazingly easy to eat. They can well-tolerated and digest easily. Simply they can peel off easily and eaten.

Shortly, some thing nothing easy to that.

Bananas May Have Benefits For Athletes

Due to digestible properties and mineral contents bananas can be a portion of good food for athletes.

With this in mind, bananas can reduce soreness and muscle cramps after exercise, because of which 95% of people get affected.

However, there are unknown reasons for the cramps, but an approachable theory blames a mixture of imbalance electrolyte and dehydration.

Obviously, It is said that Bananas give a sufficient amount of nutrition after exercise.

Eating Bananas May Improve Kidney Health

Taking sufficient amount of potassium helps to improve kidney function and lower blood pressure level.

Surprisingly, Banana is a good source of potassium, which is very beneficial for kidney health.

Notably, people who ate bananas 2 to 3 times/week develop 33% less kidney disease.

Other studies reveal, that 50% less disease will develop in those persons who ate 4 to 6 bananas/week, than those who don’t eat potassium-rich food.

Green Banana May Improve Your Blood Sugar Level

A good source of resistant starch is green bananas, which can be a good source of resistant starch. Consuming resistant starch15 to 30 gm/day may improve the sensitivity of insulin.

As few as four weeks, consuming green bananas, 33 to 50% insulin sensitivity can be improved.

Furthermore, an important factor in the world’s most diseases is insulin resistance, and one of them is diabetes type2.

At the same time, the reasons are not well understood for the improvement in blood sugar level.

Eating Bananas Give Feeling Of Fullness

Green bananas consist of resistant starch that cannot be digested easily. Which works as the soluble fiber in the body.

The resistant starch amount will be higher as the greener will be the bananas, while resistant starch and fiber content will be lower in the ripe bananas.

Furthermore, feeling of fullness and reduced appetite effect will because of resistant starch and pectin.

Bananas Acts As Powerful Antioxidants

Bananas are best nutritional sources of antioxidants from vegetables and fruits.

catechins and dopamine are powerful antioxidants present in them.

Many health benefits are linked to these antioxidants, and many depressive illnesses and heart diseases can be reduced by it.

Dopamine from bananas act as a powerful antioxidant responsible for brain health

You Can Improve Your Heart Health By Eating Banana

Potassium is the main content in banana, which may be good for your heart health as it controls blood pressure level.

Adding bananas to your diet, you can get enough potassium by adding bananas to your diet. 9% of recommended daily intake (118grams) can be obtained from a medium-sized banana.

A person who takes potassium-rich food may minimize a 27% risk of heart disease and lower the blood pressure level.

 A handsome amount of Magnesium is also present in bananas, which is also good for heart health.

Bananas May Loss Your Weight

There are not too many studies, which tell us, the link between weight loss and bananas.

However, they do have many signs that make them friendly food for weight loss.

The energy we can get from bananas is 100 kcal which is very nutritious and becomes a feeling of fullness.

Moreover, green bananas are full of resistant starch, as they are very filling and minimize your appetite.

Although this may be true, eating more fruits and vegetables can lower body weight and loss weight.

With Bananas Get Digestive Health More Better

As dietary fiber is more important for digestive health. It improves your digestion.

Bananas are good source of fiber, about 3 gm of fiber is present in a medium size banana.

Two main fibers which are found in bananas are

Resistant starch and Pectin

The amount of pectin becomes less as the bananas ripe.

while, green bananas have a sufficient amount of resistant starch.

Moreover, some studies revel that pectinei helps prevent colon cancer

Banana Moderates Blood Sugar Level

A fiber, pectin gives bananas a spongy structure. Resistant starch is also present in green bananas.

Resistant starch and pectin somehow responsible for lowering blood sugar levels and minimize appetite.

The glycemic index ( is a tool that counts carbohydrates or count calories in the food. Its count value is from 0 to 100 )— for a guide to choose food. 51 is the average value for all bananas.

So it is concluded, that bananas should not cause major impact on blood sugar level in healthy persons.

However, Persons with type 2 diabetes should not consume too many ripe bananas for their good health.

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