Pi Network: Concept, Earning, and Reviews | Is it Legit?

Pi is the first digital currency that can be mined on any mobile devices easily. It is developed by Stanford University PhD holders. Pi Network is an app that is used to mine Pi directly from your mobile devices. Pi Network does not harm your mobile device and never drains your battery. It is easy to user-friendly and easy to use.


Concept of the mining on Pi Network is the same as the concept of mining cryptocurrency but with the more effective algorithms. Pi Network is based on the new consensus algorithms (the process that records transactions into a distributed ledger). It is the same algorithm used for mining cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Stellar Consensus Protocol makes this app more user-friendly and mobile-first mining app.

pi network

Earnings Of Pi Network:

Average earning per device is 0.1Pi/hour. You can start earning by just downloading the app and signing in to the app. Your device will instantly start mining after logging in. The main earning is from the referrals. You will get 25% of the mining speed of your referrals. This will increase your earning alot.

Is It Legit?

Yes, it is legit, there is no scam in this because the owners are not ordinary persons. It is created by PhD Holders from a very popular university. If they will do a fraud it will disrepute the university. It is just proof that this website is legit. Other than that the concept is completely new and if it works successfully. It will be very profitable.

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Reviews Of Pi Network

The reviews from the professional analyst and reviewers are mixed. This app is still under testing and the price of the Pi is not declared yet. That’s why can’t say anything about that but we have few reviews from the app user, you can see them below.

I have 3700 Pi Coins and I liked the app. Just running in the background taking almost no power consumption. That’s Great

-John Wilson

Future of Pi Network

The future of the Pi network depends upon the number of referrals. If the app has a lot of users the price of the Pi Coins will rise. At this time, the users of Pi Network is 10M and If the app goes like that in the future the price of the Pi will be equal to 5$ by 2025.

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