Pfizer Cuts Vaccine Imports About to Half of EU Countries

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Romania will secure 50% of its planned volume this week and supply will improve gradually. Poland also received 176,000 doses of vaccine, which is about 50% less than expected. Italy has taken legal action against Pfizer.


Pfizer has halved the amount of COVID-19 vaccine this week it will bring to other British countries, government officials said on Thursday. –BUCHAREST/PRAGUE/SOFIA

Deputy Health Minister Andrei Baciu told Reuters, This week Romania will secure 50% of its planned vaccine volume, Until the end of March supply will only improve gradually and deliveries will not return to normal.

The authorities said, t was a similar situation in Poland, which on Monday received 176,000 doses, about 50% less than expected.

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The Czech government has been preparing for a hiatus in the past weeks, slowing their vaccination campaign as soon as a second vaccination is underway.

But the Danish Serum Institute says losing 50% of the injections this week will result in a 10% deficit in the first quarter.

Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech have refused to comment on the cuts beyond their statement last week, which announced cuts to deliveries as they ramped up manufacturing of vaccines in Europe.

The problem has spread to other countries outside the trading business – Canada is experiencing delays as is the case in Switzerland, where Mount Grison received only 1,000 guns from Pfizer this week, far from the expected 3,000.

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