Parts of Speech | Definition, Overview, and Explanation

Parts Of Speech
Parts Of Speech

In English language, words can be classified and categorized in different classes and categories on the basis of the function they perform. These classes and categories are known as “parts of speech.

It is very important to understand these parts of speech so that we may understand and analyze simple as well as complex sentences. Moreover, it also enables us to make grammatically correct sentences. There are eight parts of speech in English language. They are given below:

  1. Nouns
  2. Pronouns
  3. Verbs
  4. Adjectives
  5. Adverbs
  6. Prepositions
  7. Conjunctions
  8. Interjection

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Definitions and Examples of “Parts of Speech”

1. Noun

Noun can be defined as “a name of any person, place, thing or idea”.


girl, boy, teacher, chair, city, country, America, Aslam, Hira, Cupboard, pen, Lahore, Islamabad, Apple, Banana, Mobile, Laptop etc

  1. This is my book.
  2. Aslam is my brother.
  3. I eat an Apple.
  4. My favorite book is Holy Quran.
  5. I live in Lahore.

2. Pronoun:

Pronoun is a word that is used in place of “Noun”.


He,She,It, They, We,Who, Which, Yourself, Myself, Anybody etc.

Aslam is a boy. He is a good boy. He is the son of Dr.Rizwan.

3. Verb:

Verb is a word that shows an action.


Run, Sing, Eat, Play, Dance, Cook, Wash etc.

  1. He sings a song.
  2. I run very fast.
  3. They eat pizza.
  4. Hira plays football.
  5. We cook food.

4. Adjective:

Adjctives are the words that modify nouns and pronouns. they add some information to nouns and proniuns. they enhancce the qualities of nouns and pronouns.


good, bad, small, little, big, beautiful, ugly, rich, poor etc.

  1. I have a big house.
  2. he does not like rich people.
  3. Hania is a good girl.
  4. I am reading an interesting book.
  5. They have small Rabbits.

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5. Adverbs:

Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives and other adverbs.


quickly, vastly, gracefully, badly, silently, very, really, hopefully etc.

  1. Hira eats quickly.
  2. she dances gracefully.
  3. I run very fast.
  4. They cook so well.
  5. He will come tomorrow hopefully.


Preposition is a part of speech that links a noun to other words in the sentences.


in, on, to, under, at, by, with, about etc

  1. I am playing with toys.
  2. Cat is under the table.
  3. Book is placed on the table.
  4. Stars are shining in the sky.
  5. I will join the party at 7 pm.

7. Conjunction:

Conjunctions are the words that join together different words, phrases and clauses in a sentence.


and, or, but, after, before,if, so, yet etc.

  1. Aslam and Akram are writing a letter.
  2. I like mangoes,but I don’t like apples.
  3. If you work hard, You will pass the examination.
  4. He is a criminal, yet so many students admire him.
  5. It was raining, so we cancelled the picnic.

8. Interjection:

Interjections are the words that show our feelings, emotions and expressions.


hurrah, alas, oh, wow, hi, ouch, hey, yaay etc.

  1. Hurrah! I have won the match.
  2. Alas! he has failed the examination.
  3. Wow! this dress is so pretty.
  4. Oh! what a nice painting?
  5. Yaay! we are going for a world tour.

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