Paratroopers Of Iran’s Army Start Exercises Near the mouth of the Gulf

Paratroopers Commandos
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On the last full day of US President Donald Trump’s administration (Tuesday), Iranian army commandos and paratroopers started exercises near the mouth of the Gulf. [DUBAI]

Iranian government TV showed parachutes landing behind fake enemy lines near jack port on the Gulf of Oman and preparing attacks with the rocket launcher.

“The recent war games of the enemies show the will of the Iranian nation to defend its independence and territorial integrity, the commander of the Revolutionary Guard general Hussein Salami for government television. “Our fingers are on the trigger on behalf of the nation.

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The Revolutionary Guards fired long-range ballistic missiles at mock enemy warships in the Indian Ocean last week and tested domestically manufactured drones in the desert region of Iran.

Iran tested short-range naval missiles in the Gulf last Wednesday, and exercises earlier this month featured a wide array of domestically produced drones.

In the Middle East Iran has one of the biggest missile programs, regarding them as a deterrent and retaliatory force against the United States and other adversaries in the event of battle.

Periodic confrontations have taken place between Iran’s military and American forces in the Gulf since 2018 when Trump abandoned Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers and reinstated harsh sanctions against Tehran.

US President-elect Joe Biden has said the United States will rejoin the nuclear deal if Iran continues strict compliance.

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