Pakistan: Three Armed Robberies Within Few Hours In Islamabad


Three armed robberies occurred in the federal capital Islamabad within three hours on Monday. [Islamabad]

Pakistan: Three Dacoities Within Few Hours In Islamabad
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Dacoits attacked three different houses in Sector F8-2, F11-4, and I-8/3, respectively. Six armed robbers reportedly robbed a house worth Rs800,000 after seizing the family’s hostage in Sector F8-2, an area under the jurisdiction of a Police Station Margalla, According to police.

Another armed dacoity occurred. at F11-4 from the jurisdiction of the Shalimar Police Station. After receiving timely information, Police cordoned off the area but robbers succeeded to escape after looting the family.

Moreover, dacoits also raided a house in the area of I-9 Police Station. This armed robbery happened in Sector I-8/3, at the house of a retired government official.

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