Pakistan: Sindh Government Insinuates Exams Delays.

Image Source: Pexels

[Karachi]: The Sindh government has hinted that exams have been delayed in the state due to prolonged closure of educational institutions.

Education Minister Saeed Ghani spoke with the media after the Steering Committee meeting to review the resumption of education activities and the academic calendar, saying the epidemic has affected everything and the government is working to streamline the process.

“We have discussed the school year in detail and all stakeholders agreed that we should not rush exams and ensure that at least 60% of the curriculum is comprehensively taught.”

Gani said the exams could be delayed by a month or two to give teachers enough time to study and students to prepare for the exams.

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The provincial Education Minister said a board has been set up to talk with other training specialists and suggest the assessment and affirmation methods, everything being equal, schools and colleges since they are completely connected together.

“He would finish his suggestion in a week and offer the subtleties with the public authority on January 30 preceding returning grade schools and colleges.”

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