Pakistan: ‘Virus’ Hoax warning resurfaces online

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A video containing a virus named Argentina is circulating on WhatsApp and can hack your phone only in 10 seconds. Online sources show the NITB tweeted a warning about the hoax virus but later deleted it.


“NITB Cyber Alerts,” reads a Facebook post shared by TechRupt (Facebook page) on January 11, TechRupt has more than 1 Lack followers.

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The Facebook post features an image issued by NITB with a title “CYBERSECURITY ALERT.”

hoax message warning
A screenshot of the misleading post captured on Jan 14, 2021.
Image Source: GEO

The claims in the posts and tweets are misleading. And other similar posts with the same warning were also seen on social media.

The Links of similar posts.

‘Tweet Deleted’

A Google keyword search showed that the NITB removed its tweet about hoax message warning.

A digital archive of Pakistan’s National Information Technology Board tweet can be seen here.

hoax message warning
SS of NITB’s tweet before it was removed.
Image Source: Geo

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