On Suspicion Of ‘illegal Relationship’ Tangwani Man Kills Newlywed Wife

Tangwani Man (Nooruddin) kill his wife on the first night of marriage as he believed she was involved in a ‘haram’ or unlawful relationship with another man.

The culprit managed to escape the arrest and escape before he was detained by police. The police moved the body to the local hospital, stating that the raids were taking place to find and arrest the suspect.

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Noruddin is the resident of the village Saifal Nidvani in the Kashmore-Kandhkot district. He killed his new wife Shabbira, who was married on Wednesday 13 January 2021.

Tangwani Man Kills Newly-wed Wife
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Man allegedly murdered his wife because he believed she had a “Haram” or “illegal” relationship with someone. capping gains, Noruddin (the suspect) managed to escape and fled before being arrested. The dead body has been shifted to the local hospital for relevant procedures.

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–Bilal Asghar

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