Mr Wash World BIGGEST CAR WASH In Germany


Mr Wash is the biggest car wash center in the world. The provided services include Washing, Waxing, Drying and Denting-Painting, etc.

Mr Wash World BIGGEST CAR WASH In Germany


World BIGGEST CAR WASH is seemed busy because 4,000 cars are washed on daily basis. Mr wash is the world’s biggest car wash, where more than a hundred workers work to keep German cars clean. Mr. Wash is not your average gas station car wash and uses seasoned experts along with the top of the pieces of equipment to give your car a good wash.

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The level of care and attention to every detail displayed in this large car wash is enough to draw in thousands of customers each day. Like many other car washes, the purpose is to sell customers to buy the best care package for their car at Mr. wash. Customers can choose to have a basic wash or can go for a full interior detail, followed by a hand waxing service.

Mr Wash World BIGGEST CAR WASH In Germany

Large industrial infrastructure is required to run such a big car wash. Pumps are used to improve the water pressure from the city water along with the recycling of water from a recent washing. The water from the recent washes is collected and cleaned through a big filtration plant to use this water in the future. This is Environment friendly and saves a lot of water from wasting.

When running a such huge car wash on this level, the demands for cleaning agents and energy rise to record highs. Running the heated drying system in the car wash alone consumes 6,000 kWh per day. This is enough energy to run two average houses for a year.

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Mr. Wash Information:

Address: Heilbronner Str. 309, 70469 Stuttgart, Germany

Weekly Schedule: 

Saturday8:30 am–6 pm
Monday8:30 am–7 pm
Tuesday8:30 am–7 pm
Wednesday8:30 am–7 pm
Thursday8:30 am–7 pm
Friday8:30 am–7 pm
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Phone: +49 711 80609230


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