KP Police Confiscated 1,600 Non-custom Vehicles From Civilian Police.

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1,600 non-custom paid vehicles recovered from Civilian Police. KP IG claims that vehicles have been returned to the Department of Taxation On January 8, the KP IG office warned the home and national department of the illegal use of unpaid vehicles by senior police officers.


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police seized non-custom toll vehicles that were illegally used by police officers and civilians in the state. [PESHAWAR]

KP police inspector General Sanaullah Abbasi told that at least 1,600 vehicles had been recovered and returned to the customs and excise tax departments.

“They have been misused for years,” the police added, adding that local police stations have an internal accountability system.

KP IG’s office warned the Ministry of Interior and the Tribal Affairs Department about the illegal use of non-custom toll vehicles by senior police officers On January 8.

“Itis with great concern that a large number of NCP [unpaid] vehicles were used by the police in various ways,” the letter read.

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The letter explained, when a car was seized, it had to be handed over to the customs and consumed by court order, but many police officers used the vehicles for that personal purpose.

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