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Joker Movie Story:

In Gotham City, Society ignores and is ill-treated by the intercomic Arthur flick. It then moves to a descending spiral of revolutions and bloodshed actions. This way brings him face to face with his alter-ego: joker.

Joker Movie Cast:

Real NameCharacter
Joaquin PhoenixArthur Fleck
Robert De NiroMurray Franklin
Frances ConroyPenny Fleck
Zazie BeetzSophie Dumond
Brett CullenThomas Wayne
Shea WhighamDetective Burke

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joker movie torrent
joker movie torrent


The genres of the jocker movie is CrimeDrama, and Thriller.


 The tagline of jocker movie is, “Put on a happy face.”

Box Office:

Budget >> $55,000,000 

USA (Opening Weekend) >> $96,202,337, 6 October 2019

USA (Gross) >> $335,451,311

Cumulative Worldwide (Gross) >> $1,074,251,311


Jocker movie language is English

Release Date:

Jocker movie was released on 4 October 2019 (UK).

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Will I go to jail or will I be fined for downloading a movie illegally?

The fine under the current law of piracy, the Copyright Ordinance, 1962, is up to three years of imprisonment/jail or a fine/penalty of up to Rs100,000. This fine is doubled for the second or subsequent crime. One explanation for why laws are so weak in Pakistan is because there is no evidence or research to prove piracy in Pakistan.

Questions: Joker Movie Torrent Full Download

 1. Is Joker Movie Torrent Full Download available on Netflix? 

Yes, you can get Joker Movie Torrent Full Download on Netflix. By watching or downloading movies from legal websites like Netflix is not a crime.

 2. Which stars acted in the Joker movie?

Joaquin Phoenix acted as a main role in the jocker movie.

 4. Who directed the Joker movie?

Joker Movie was directed by Todd Phillips.

 5. When did Jocker movie released? 

Jocker movie was released on 4 October 2019 (UK).

6. On which website we can watch jocker movie or download jocker movie torrent?

You can watch jocker movie officially on Netflix

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