How To Start A Story? 6 Great Beginning Strategies

The beginning of a story tells everything about the story. If the beginning is good then it will attract the reader. So, the reader can read the whole story with the same interest. According to one research, the reader decides after the first paragraph of the story that he will read the story or leave it. So, here are some strategies to start a story.

Strategies To Start A Story

1) Start with background information of the story.

If you will start your story with a piece of background information like the childhood of the main character. Here is an example of that below.

When Fahad was 16 years old, He was a very techie guy. He won a game development competition at that age, The competition was held all over the world. It was a great achievement of him.

-Fahad Asghar

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2) Describe the setting of the story at the beginning.

You can describe the setting of the story. In setting tell what happening in the scene you are trying to told. Here is an example of that below.

A man is reading a book sitting at the table in front of a cafe. There is a Juggler looking at the man who is reading the book. Suddenly, the man looked up and smile a bit.

-Fahad Asghar
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3) Ask a question at the start.

Ask a question from the reader. Here is a lot of possibilities that the reader wants to know the answer to that he will read the whole book.

For Example: If you have read the famous book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. At the start of the book, he told us that there are two ways to get rich which you have to find in that book. If you will find it and then apply them in your life then you will get rich.

4) Start the story with dialogue or action.

You can also start a story with dialogue or action. It will also attract the reader too much. Here is an example of that below.

I was crouched at the start of the track. My hands are on the start line. Ready, Steady and Go. I started running at my maximum steed after hearing this phrase.

-Fahad Asghar

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5) Introduce the main character of the story.

You can introduce the main character at the start of the story. After reading, this the reader will know about whom he is reading the story. Here is a sample of that below.

I’m Fahad. I just turned 16, and I’m here to tell you the biggest secret of my life.

-Fahad Asghar
start a story beinghelper

6) Start with the location and environment.

You can start your story by telling the reader a piece of information about the background, location and the environment. Here is an example of that below.

I was standing alone in the wide street in New York. Suddenly, I heard the voice of a lady who is calling me for help. Suddenly, I waked up from my dream. I don’t know why I hear the voice of the lady every day.

-Fahad Asghar

Here are some great strategies for beginning a story. We hope it will help you alot. If you have any queston you can ask us in the comment section below.

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