How To Gameshare On PlayStation 4 Using Share Play?

Do you want to share your games with your friends or family members on different PlayStation 4? So, you can play games together. Well, Sony allows you to share the game with someone other but with some limitations. You can gameshare on PlayStation 4 by the steps below.

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If you want to play a game together, both you and your friends must have a PlayStation Plus subscription. So, you can play the games separately. Usually, this is called gamesharing. Gamesharing allows you to share the games you have purchased.

gameshare on PlayStation 4

Gameshare on PlayStation 4

Step 1

Log in to your PlayStation Account on the PlayStation console you want to share the game.

Step 2

Choose Settings.

Step 3

Choose Account Management.

Step 4

Select Active as Your Promary PS4.

Step 5

Select Activate.

It’s done. Now, other PlayStation will see all of your games in library. Download the games on other PlayStation and play with them.

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