How To Annotate An Article? Best Reading and Study Strategies

An annotation is a piece of extra information with a particular point in an article. An annotate can be a note which includes the comments or highlights of the article. If you want to know how to annotate an article and want to learn the best strategies to annotate the article then you are at the right place. Here are some strategies if you will apply them while ready you will get benefit.

Strategies To Annotate An Article

  1. Highlight the title in red. then add a comment explaining how the title related to the highlighted text.
  2. Highlight the author name in green, then insert the link to her biography.
  3. Make bold the entire idea of the article, then add a comment if you agree with that or not and tell why?
  4. Highlight at least two examples in each paragraph with blue.
  5. Highlight the topic sentence of each paragraph in purple.
  6. Highlight at least 3 words in each paragraph you don’t know their meaning in orange.
  7. Add a comment for each paragraph that asks a question.

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Now, in the end, you have a colourful article and a page full of comments and your opinions. Search for the words meaning you don’t know and add a comment. Read the full page again you have the extra information about the page. Well, now you have learned how to annotate an article.

List Of Some Free Annotators

Here is a list of some free annotators. You can check it out and do digital annotating without any problem.

  1. Edji
  2. Active Textbook
  3. Owl Eyes
  4. Read and Write
  5. Kaizena
  6. Dilgo

If you encounter any problem or you need help, then ask us in the comment section below.

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