Gujranwala: Man Kills Wife, Four Children Over ‘Honour’.

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  • Police say a woman and her four children were murdered in Gujranwala.
  • According to the policy, the woman’s husband, Imran, confessed that he had killed his wife, the children.
  • According to police, the man killed the victim in order to save his “honour.”

[Gujranwala]: In Gujranwala, a woman was murdered with four children, police said. Subsequent to being captured, Imran conceded carrying out the wrongdoing, police stated, adding that it was an instance of “honor slaughtering” according to Imran’s admission.

The police added that the accused confessed that he had “killed all of his children who had woke up and witnessed killing their mother.” It seems that cases of violence against women are increasing in the country as several cases of honour killings were reported earlier this month.

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A man recognized as Liaquat Shar purportedly executed his sister over the doubt of having “unlawful relations” with a kid in Ubauro, a town in Sindh’s Ghotki region to save his “honour,” per police.

The suspect, nonetheless, figured out how to get away from capture and fled before he could be kept.

In another “honourable manslaughter” case, a man allegedly robbed one of his superiors and killed him in Khairpur in Piryalo Town during the first seven days of January 2021. with someone else”.

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