Green Bananas Have Excellent Hidden Benefits Good for Health

Bananas have a wonderful taste. Most people like to eat ripe bananas. They don’t like to eat green bananas because of their firm texture and bitter taste.

Difference Between Yellow(ripe) and Green(unripe) Bananas

Commonly, bananas are collected when they are green in color.

Therefore, when you buy them in the market. They may still unripe. 

Bananas have much difference in color yellow( ripe) and green(unripe).

They may differ in many ways. 

Unripe or green bananas have a firm texture.Ripe or yellow bananas have a fleshy sponge-like texture. 
Green bananas are not so sweet and they are bitter in taste.Yellow bananas are sweet in taste.
Green bananas have contain high amount of starch.Yellow banana’s most starch converts into sugar.
It is difficult to peel green bananas.Easy to peel yellow bananas.

As Bananas Become Yellow, Its Carbohydrate Value Decreases 

Green bananas mainly contain starch may seventy to eighty percent of their whole weight. 

This is the resistant starch which is mostly not digested in the small intestine.

It is categorized as dietary fiber. 

However, as the bananas become yellow.

Yellow bananas’ contains less amount of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates converted into sugar (starch changes into fructose and glucose). 

You may surprise to know that fully ripened bananas have only 1% of starch. 

Interestingly, Pectin is responsible for firm texture of green bananas.

They become yellow pectin breaks down and bananas get fleshy sponge like structure. 

Pectin and resistant starch in immature bananas have much health benefits, such as good digestive health and maintain blood sugar level. 

Green Bananas Have Excellent Hidden Benefits Good for Health

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Green Bananas are Nutritious  

Bananas are nutritious, whatever they are green or yellow. 

Raw bananas (without peel) contain water 75%, carbohydrates 23%, protein 1%, and a minor amount of fat.  

A 100-gm serving gives

89 Calories, vitamin B6 31% of US recommended Daily Value (DV), some amount of vitamin C, dietary fiber, and manganese, and no other significant content of micronutrients. 

105 calories come with this, 0f which ninety percent come from carbohydrates. 

Additionally, they are low in protein and fat. 

Green Bananas Can Improve Your Digestion 

Nutrients present in green bananas have a prebiotic effect (prebiotic are the indigestible fibers that feed bacterial present in the gut and improves your health). 

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As we discussed above, green bananas are rich in fibers (pectin and resistant starch). 

They pass down to the gut, where friendly bacteria are feed with them. As a result, these bacteria produce fatty acids and butyrate. 

These fatty acids help to improve various digestive issues. 

Furthermore, some evidence show these bacteria may helpful against colon cancer.  

Green Bananas are Beneficial for Blood Sugar

Today high blood sugar level is a serious health issue. 

If it is not treated for a long time, it may cause diabetes type2.

Which may lead to several major health issues. 

Immature (green bananas) have a low GI (Glycemic Index) value of 30, while fully ripened bananas have a 60 GI value. 

GI value on the scale is from 0 to100. As the value becomes greater sugar level goes up. 

So, it is concluded, that green bananas are good to control blood sugar level. 

Bananas May Help to Appetite Bring Down 

Fiber content is very high in green bananas.

They have the property of very filling. 

Fiber rich foods give state of fullness always. 

Pectin and resistant starch both are fibers found in immature bananas.

They can maximize the feeling of fullness after eating a meal. 

These fibers slow down the process of emptying stomach. 

Your stomach will not empty for a long time.

You will not eat too much and it may help to reduce weight loss. 

As a result, you will consume a smaller number of calories.

Automatically, your weight will become less. 

Are Green Bananas Healthy or Not? 

Bananas maybe green(unripe) or yellow(ripe) are safe for health. 

However, some people express discomfit after eating bananas. 

Such as constipation, gas, and bloating.

Moreover, persons with latex allergies should be careful with bananas.

As bananas contain protein, like latex causing protein.

People who suffer from latex allergies can experience a reaction to them. This is called latex fruit syndrome. 

However bananas are so far so good, add them to your daily meal and stay healthy. 

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