Flight Data Recorder Of Indonesian Crashed Plane Retrieved From The Java Sea


  • Flight data recorder discovered from Java sea
  • Boeing 737-500 Plane hit Java sea instantly after takeoff
  • They may find the voice recorder

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Data recorder of flight of Indonesian plane that crashed into the Java Sea with 62 people on board over the weekend was discovered by divers on Tuesday. [JAKARTA, INDONESIA]

Divers also retrieved a separate radio beacon, sparking hope that the cockpit recorder (CVR) to which it was connected could be found soon and revealed the cause of the plane’s loss of control instantly after takeoff.

“We are sure of that, because the beacon that was attached to the voice recorder was found in this area, so with great confidence, the voice recorder will be retrieved soon,”. —Army chief Hadi Tjahjanto [Press conference.]

The Boeing 737-500 plane left Jakarta’s main airport last Saturday and crashed into the sea four minutes after take-off and disappeared from the radar screen.

The National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) expects to retrieve the FDR data within a few days. –Chief Soerjanto Tjahjono

Flight Data Recorder Of Indonesian Crashed Plane Retrieved From The Java Sea
Image Source: Pexels

Mystery Unveiling

The plane was heading for Pontianak on the island of Borneo, about 740 km (460 miles) from Jakarta.

Initial findings of the KNKT showed that the aircraft’s engine was running when it hit the water, based on jet parts recovered from the sea.

“The damage to the fan blade showed that the engine was still working on impact. This is consistent with the assumption that the aircraft system was still operating at a height of 250 feet,”. –Soerjanto

“I hope we can unravel the mystery of the cause of this accident, which is a lesson to avoid it in the future,”. –Soerjanto

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