Donald Trump Has Approved F-35 and Drones to UAE Before Leaving

trump approves f35


This is now becoming a new norm, as Donald Trump approved the sale of the F-35 and MQ-9 drones to the UAE before leaving the office.


Donald Trump shocked the establishment of the USA and Israel by approving the advance F-35 aircraft and MQ-9 drones to UAE. The establishment of Israel will try to revoke this contract of F-35.

Israel is forcing Trump to cancel the contract of drones and aircraft with the UAE. In the ’80s Israel contracted the USA in which is mentioned that the USA will not sell any weapon to the Arab countries.

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The 50 F-35 aircraft and 18 MQ-9 Drones will be delivered to UAE, According to the contract. The deal was closed in 25B dollars. Before leaving, Trump signed this deal now the US has to fulfill this contract in every condition.

Also, China provides MQ-9 Drones copy to Pakistan. Israel has to maintain its relation with UAE to avoid future problems. Qatar and Saadia also requested the US to provide these aircraft to them.

Information Source: Haqeeqat Tv

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