Covid-19: Against Coronavirus, The UK Vaccinating 200,000 People Per Day


Against Coronavirus, The UK vaccinating 200,000 people per day, with the aim of vaccinating more than two million people in a week. [London]

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Per day, The UK is vaccinating 200,000 people, with an aim to immunize 2M people per week.

[Sunday] Britain is trying to increase vaccinations by up to two million a week to cover the most vulnerable in mid-February. –UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock

Against Coronavirus, The UK Vaccinating 200,000 People Per Day

He also said that currently, we’re vaccinating over 200,000 people on a daily basis. Adding to this he said We’ve now successfully vaccinated around a third of the over-80s in this country, so we are making great progress. This week we are going to open mass vaccination centers.

With a highly transmissible new wave of the coronavirus surging across Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has shut down the economy and is rushing towards vaccination to lessen the spread of the virus.

British has the world’s highest official death toll from coronavirus at nearly 80,000+, and the 1,325+ deaths reported within 28 days.

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