Buildbox 2021: Details, Pricing And Features | Is it Worth It?

Buildbox is a codeless software for making games. Game developers have been making games by coding from the starting of game development but now software like build box are decreasing the tension and problem of coding for a lot of developers. It is also a great starting point for beginners. The best thing about Buildbox is that you can start using build box free.

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Free Plan (0$)

Buildbox has the free plan but it does not provide complete satisfaction to a game developer because it does not provide the integration of SDK(Software Development Kit). You can create a simple game using the free plan. It is a great starting point but you can’t use it for professional game development.

Plus Plan (19.99$ per month)

The Plus plan provides you with the integration of top authorities SDKs like Google Admob SDK and IronSource Integration. It does not provide the customization of the starting screen(splash screen) and other SDKs like Facebook SDK.

Pro Plan (49.99$ per month)

Pro plan gives you the best service because it cost is 49.99$ per month. It provides integration for all the SDKs used in the build box. It provides customization of Splash Screen and export games to mobile devices feature.

Features Of Buildbox

Here is a list of features that buildbox provides:

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Is It Worth It?

The answer for that is complete No. because the other game engine like Unity and Unreal are providing coding less game development with the use of free plugins. Unreal is completely free and Unity have a free plan but it provides integration of all the SDKs. Unity and Unreal have a huge library which contains millions of different plugins.

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