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Choosing the Best RAM configuration was much harder in the past because different games have very different requirements in this regard. After all, gaming was not completely mainstream yet, and not everyone knew what a real “gaming computer” was back then.

But today, the situation has become much simpler. 64-bit OS has become normal, and 64-bit OS support more RAM than the 32-bit OS used in the past. 32-bit Operating System can only read up to 4 GB RAM, and while 64-bit OS can support more RAM.

How Much Ram Do I Need For Gaming?

Most home computers today have 4GB, 8GB, or 16 GB of RAM, but some high-end PCs have 32GB, 64GB, or even 128 GB of RAM.

4 GB RAM is found in regular desktops and office computers or those still running OS. 32-bit Actually, not enough for best gaming in 2021.

8 GB RAM is the minimum for any gaming computer. With 8 GB RAM, your computer will run most games without any difficulty.

16 GB RAM is the optimal amount of RAM for a gaming PC. With 16 GB of RAM you will never run out of RAM no matter which game you play, But make sure your computer isn’t running any intensive programs in the background. 

32 GB RAM is becoming increasingly popular with some gamers, especially those seeking to protect their PC’s in the future.

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The first reason why you might want 32 GB of RAM is to prevent the future, but doing so might not be as good an idea at the moment, as DDR5 is just around the corner, and although it probably won’t a solution for gaming rigs at first, it should still be remembered if we talk about protecting the future.

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