Apple Performed Well in 2020. Will 2021 Be Better?


2020 was a noteworthy time for Apple and its stockholders. The world’s most valued public corporation saw its stock market cap rise by 81%. Which almost increased the stock’s value by almost US$1 trillion. Is it not surprising? Among the components, Apple is the top performer. Apple performed well in 2020.

“and working the way up to the highest-flying stock in the benchmark” — Apple

All 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Started with the worst performers in 2020. Now with a market cap of more than US$2.2 trillion, Apple is US$500+ billion ahead of the 2nd most valuable U.S. company, Microsoft (ticker: MSFT). In 2020, stockholders focused on Apple’s new iPhone which is 5G supported, which finally launched in October 2020. The iPhone 12 got good reviews, iPhone early sales are superb, and stockholders see the sale of the iPhone as more than 200 million units by September 2021.

Apple Performed Well in 2020 beinghelper
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In 2020, The other bright progresses includes.

  • Apple launched a new Apple Watch Series 6 (Watch),
  • Apple launched AirPods Max (Headphones).
  • MacBook Pro and MacBook Air (Laptops) also launched by Apple.

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Sales And Challenges:

As everyone expected, the sales of the Apple iPhone 11 was stronger. And the work from home strategy due to covid-19 increased the sale of iPads and MacBooks to a new level.

Apple faced many challenges in 2020. Apple has increasing pressure from the developers and controllers. Apple’s plan to give clients the right to allow or decline apps to track their activity. Its impact on Facebook will be bad because this will hurt the capability of Facebook to target advertising based on client behavior.

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