Amazon: Purchased 11 Aircraft To Expand Its Airline Network


Amazon buys 11 Boeing 767-300 aircraft to expand Its Airline Network.

Amazon: Purchased 11 Aircraft To Expand Its Airline Network

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Amazon announced that it had purchased 11 Boeing 767-300 aircraft, which means that this tech giant was the first to buy it instead of renting a plane for a cargo ship.

Amazon’s first air operation began in 2016, We are constantly building air cargo capacity. This is the first time Amazon has owned its own aircraft over the years under a lease agreement. The product purchased by Amazon Air includes seven Delta aircraft and four WestJet aircraft and is expected to join the network by 2022.

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BBC: Experts say that buying its own aircraft could make Amazon a trusted contender in the logistics sector.

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Vice President of Amazon Global Air, Sarah Rhoads said, “Our goal is to continue serving our customers across the United States. Buying your own aircraft the way Amazon expects is a natural next step towards that goal,”.

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