After winning MMA, Khabib is aiming at his football debut.

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After winning the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) field, Russian victor Khabib Nurmagomedov has turned his eyes towards football.

In a post on Twitter, the Russian fighter made the declaration that he was a “free agent” and that he was “ready to accept offers”.

  • Previous MMA champion made the announcement on Twitter post.
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov resigned from MMA a year ago.

“I’m preparing for my football debut. I’ma [a] free agent and I’m ready to accept offers,” said 32-year-old Khabib.

A year ago, Khabib finished his wrestling profession in the wake of prevailing upon Justin Gaethje, improving his record to an unbeaten 29-0.

In any case, at only 32, the fans, media staff, and UFC authorities are looking for that he would, in the end, have a difference in heart.

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The ex-fighter, however, is adamant that he will stick to his decision.

“I have no plans to continue fighting,” Khabib said in a meeting with RT Sport. “There are consistently bits of gossip about my rebound, as Dana White and different advertisers who may supplant him later on consistently need me to fight. “

Leaving a worthwhile business, Khabib leaves a huge number of dollars on the table however says abundance has never been the primary motivation behind why he is fighting.

“Of course, I’m the prime minister and I still have a lot of money to make, but I had another goal,” he said.”My goal was to reach the top and I did it.”

He doesn’t seem to be worried about his finances, saying, “As for money, I’m going to make somewhere.”

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