9 Proven Ways To Make Money Online In 2021

There are many proven ways to make money online. You may have read many other articles about making money online but in this article, we will discuss the best and most successful ways of earning money online. If you have a dream of making money online then stay tuned. The way to complete this dream will find here. Here are the proven and tested ways to earn money.

Google Adsense

If you ever visited a website and you see ads on that article or post then you may know what is Google Adsense. If you don’t know what is Google Adsense then let me tell you that Google Adsense is powered by Google Inc.

Google Adsense provides ads for websites to show and provide revenue to the website owner. On average, a website earns from 50$ to 5000$ per month. You can start your own website/ blog and start earning money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing means selling someone’s product for a commission. There are many websites like Amazon, eBay, and Ali Express which provide affiliate partnership. You have to sell their products by advertising them on your social media or you can start an Affiliate Marketing Website and start selling their products for a commission. Every website has a different commission percentage. On average, affiliate marketers can earn up to 10,000$.

make money online freelancing


Freelancing is the most profitable and easy way of earning money online. All you need is just a skill like graphics designing, video editing, or app development. If you have one of these skills then you can start freelancing easily. There are many marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, or Guru where you can sell your services and earn a lot. On average, a freelancer can earn from 200$ to 10,000$ per month.

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Selling Online Courses To Make Money Online

Due to Covid-19, All the learners have been moved to the online system. That’s why from the previous year people are taking online courses. They are learning online skills and they are paying too much for that. You can start creating your course and publish it on different marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare, and Lynda for free. On average, online instructors can earn from 100$ to 7000$ per month.

Be a YouTuber

Creating or editing videos and posting them on Youtube is always the best way to earn money. We have talked earlier about Google Adsense. You can put ads from Google Adsense on Youtube also and you can earn money. On average, YouTubers can earn up to 10,000$ per month. If you know how to attract people and how to create videos then you can be a YouTuber.

Selling Books and e-Books

Selling Books online is also a great way to earn money online. You can sell e-Books online on Amazon Kindle. In e-Books, you don’t need to print a copy of the book and you can save your money on publishing the books. If you have the art of writing the book then you can write e-Books and sell them to earn money. On average, an e-Book seller can earn up to 5000$ per month.

Sell Physical Products To Make Money Online

If you have the art of selling products, you can sell anything like Handcrafted boxes. You can sell stuff online in Facebook Groups, or other social media websites. On average, a seller can earn up to 500$ per month. Selling stuff is a great way to earn more money on the internet.

Buying and Selling Digital Products

You can also earn money by buying the products like domain, hosting, and then resell them after some time. If you have acquired a good domain like amazon.com then actually sell your domain in millions. On average, a product seller can earn from Up to 6,000$.

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Trading To Make Money Online

People are earning millions of dollars by trading. In, trading, you just have to invest your money and wait until the graph rise. When the graph rises you will earn money. You must have to take online courses about starting trading.

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