What is an android system webview? Is it reliable?

Android System Webview is a component powered by Google LLC which is used to show the web content in the Andriod Apps. It is a system component that is pre-installed on your Android Device. This application runs in the background and helps the Android Apps to run without bugs and issues. It runs without any direct user interaction.

android system webview

Let Us Tell You What Is Android Webview

 It is a built-in operating system and it is a web browser engine that makes it possible to open web pages within applications. You can view almost any type of web content with the help of WebView.

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Here is the example :

For better understanding, you can simply see the working of Youtube and Facebook on its apps. Another example of an android webview app working is that if you open the BeingHelper website on an app. The content you will see correctly is because of the Android System Webview.

How Do You Deal With?

For devices with Android 5.0 or below, Android System WebView was an integral component of the operating system and automatically updates with the OS. For devices above 7.0, users can also download and install the app on their devices.

Android System Webview is considered that it is consuming some share of RAM and affecting the overall OS performance. That is another good reason why it is not integrated into the newer Android versions like Red Velvet Cake.

How to Uninstall Android System Webview?

If the Android System Webview is pre-installed on your operating system then you can’t uninstall the app but you can deactivate the app. You can also deactivate the app by searching it on the Play Store and click on deactivate/uninstall.

You can find the app here:

Settings → Application Manager → System Apps.

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Enabling/Disabling this app on Newer Android versions?

You can enable/disable it by going to the play store and searching “Android Webview System” and then select Install/Uninstall.

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