These user characteristics may not be used to change keyword bids in Google Ads

The Location, Device, and Time of day may change keyword bids in Google Ads. You can use these characteristics to change the bids of keywords in Google Ads. You cannot use ad preferences for this purpose because this data is only available to Google and Google do not share it with Advertiser and public. This is also the policy of Google. The ad preferences are only used to show the relevant Advertisement to the users.

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You can change your keyword bids according to the location you selected for showing ads and also be changed by the device of users who are seeing the ad. Also, you can change your keyword bid according to the time of the day.

  • Location
  • Time of day
  • Device (of the viewer)
  • Ad Preferences
keyword bids

Tips For Keyword Bids:

  • More often than not, the top position is not the most profitable.
  • More Locations, Lesser the bid.
  • Don’t go specific, It will make you pay more.

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Does Keyword Really Matters?

The answer is one word and it’s “Yes”. Keywords are basically the backbone of SEO. Keywords really help to improve the search engine rank. Selecting a keyword is a task to which I am always afraid because you have to select the keyword very wisely. The keyword must have a good volume and must have low competition. There are many tools available on the web for Free as well as Paid which can help us a lot in keyword research the one of them I personally use is ahrefs Keyword generator. You can try it for free.

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