How to turn off mouse acceleration?

Mouse acceleration decreases the ability to play games smoothly. Gamers need precise aim in different games e.g CSGO, Minecraft, or Cyberpunk e.t.c. The option of changing this option is hidden in different places on different devices. Changing this option will result in an increase in your mouse’s accuracy.

Turn off Mouse Acceleration in Windows

To turn off mouse acceleration in Windows, there are many different ways but we will discuss the best and easy way to disable mouse acceleration in Windows. To disable mouse acceleration in Windows, just follow these few steps.

Step 1

Open Control Panel, then under Hardware and Sound, select View Devices and Printers.

(It will show all th devices connected to your Device.)

Step 2

Choose your mouse from the list of devices. Right-click on the mouse and select Mouse Settings.

Step 3

In the Mouse Properties Tab, open the Pointer Options.

Step 4

Uncheck the Enhance pointer precision option and then click Apply and then Ok.

Well, It’s Done.

Well done! You have disabled the mouse acceleration in Windows. Now, Let’s see how you can disable mouse acceleration in MAC.

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Turn off Acceleration of Mouse in Mac

There are many ways to disable or turn off mouse acceleration in Mac but we will discuss the best and the easiest way here. So, to disable mouse acceleration in Mac you need to follow these steps.

Step 1

Open Spotlight by pressing Command-Space, then type Terminal in the search box, and open Terminal. This will launch the utility app.

Step 2

Copy the command from below and paste the command into the terminal.

defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1

Command for disabling mouse acceleration in MAC

Step 3

Press “Enter” to run the command. This will turn off mouse acceleration in your Mac. Close the Terminal window. It’s Done.

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Well done! Now you can enable/disable mouse acceleration of different devices. So, If you have any questions related to this article you can ask in the comment section below and also you can contact us for any type of general inquires.

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