How to reset Apple AirPods? Fastest Way

Sometimes might your Apple AirPods stop responding, This is because they need tuning like your car. Now if your piece has stopped working or isn’t responding or refusing to pair with your devices properly, then it is time to do a factory reset in order to get things to work fine. So, The steps below will guide you to the best and the fastest way to Reset Apple AirPods. Let’s jump straight into it.

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  • At the back of your AirPods, There is Setup Button. Press This Button and hold for at least 15 seconds.
reset Apple AirPods
  • Hold this Setup Button until the status light starts blinking Yellowish Orange a few times and then flashes white.
reset Apple AirPods
  • Now Your Apple AirPods have been fully reset. Now you need to re-pair your Airpods to your Phone to start using it.
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